Japanese Fantasy Role-play

Nishinoshima, is a town among the Oki islands in the Shimane district off the coast of Japan.   

The Okis are reputedly home to particularly beautiful women, so in the interests of research I kept my eyes open and, sure enough, I would have to agree. Another thing that Oki is known for – though they still don’t like to talk about it – is that during the forced separation of Buddhism and Shinto at the start of the Meiji Era, every single temple in the Okis was destroyed, making it the most extreme example of the separation anywhere in Japan. There still are very few Buddhist temples on the islands, but there are masses of Shinto shrines, many of them in the distinctive Oki-zukuri (literally ‘Oki-built’) style.  –  Japan Visitor, Anonymous

They were also home to banished Emporers and other warlords way before the Edo period.  

The Roleplay Sim

Nishino Shima seems a peaceful place and most beautiful.   It’s said during meditation whispers can be heard in the wind, theft is rampant, trickery is not a rare occurrence, and fisherman disappear without a word.  The Role-play sim is private and heavily centered around Shintoism.  This means there’s a lot of fantasy and some instances of magic.  Nishino shima will be open twice a week for roleplay and for other events such as Geisha performances, poetry readings, and other member interest events. This RP sim is a non metered turned based environment.

Contact Anya Zsun, if your interested in becoming a part of this experience with us, thank you and enjoy building a story here!