• Let your IC look and act like someone from Edo Period Japan when in the role play span of Nishino-shima.
  • Nishino is an English speaking RP sim, but it’s encouraged to use Japanese words to describe an object or gesture, etc, in RP.  Translators are disruptive to role play.
  •  Moderators/Admins will make decisions regarding RP, sim environment and the Nishino groups. If we feel your avatar or the object you have set out for all to view is disruptive to Nishino aesthetic environment, they will ask you to remedy that or return the object. Inactive people may be removed from the group.
  • Role-play upon this sim might include descriptions of extreme violence, graphic sexual acts, assassinations, mixed in with light magic.  We do NOT honor any personal limits that are unreasonable within ancient Edo period history or that god mod your character past RP that bothers you.
  • Alts – If you have certain reasons which will require you the use of multiple alts please discuss it further with a mod and explain as to why, as god modding via alts isn’t acceptable.
  • No child Avi’s please.   
  • Nishino will start with NO METER.  I can promise you if we choose a meter much later down the road it will be OPTIONAL and MELEE ONLY.  
  •  This sim is an  ADULT-oriented Japanese role-play genre. You MUST be at least 18 years and be Second Life adult-verified to play here.



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