Nishi is not a historical sim build as it looks nothing like the island it’s named after and has a mixture of buildings ranging from Edo period and some years  after.  The feeling of Nishi is late Edo period.  There are mostly Japanese builds mixed with others such as Chinese builds similar to that time period since it worked.  This is not a unique build as we purchased everything from second life creators to make the magic happen.  

The sim is detailed with animals and insects; we removed as many scripts as we could in order to improve performance.   I used a mediocre and a high end computer while creating the sim and had no issues what so ever.


Contact Anya Zsun.  Some of these main roles listed below might require time in role play before assuming them. 

Okaasan here.

Crime Lord (not necessarily a “bad” character personality) Originally came to Nishino hired to assassinate the Shogun who proved successful in keeping out of sight.  The hired thug ended up spending months out on Nishino and overheard a farmer talking about a tale of an enchanted sword.  Since then they became obsessed  in finding this powerful blade.  By sending out spies to listen in on town chatter and controlling the obsidian mining they became a powerful and quite knowledgeable person.                                          

Pearl diving Ningyo A shop owner selling rare pearls and ocean jewels; who also shape-shifts into a mermaid who might seduce men and women that might have caught sight of her.


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