There is a tale, of a Shogun exiled to the Oki Islands after his regime was destroyed by those closest to him. Disloyal daimyo, corrupt politicians and his own lack of bureaucratic motivation were the cause of his downfall.

The Emporer Sakakuru banished the Shogun and thirty of his friends and family, sparing their lives, which was considered a great favor.  The small band boarded a ship and upon arrival began construction resulting in a small village.  The Shogun was never seen again at least by outsiders.

Remnants of the old village have been discovered including a great old thatched temple and mausoleum with some small graves set in formation, possibly the resting place of the shoguns “Heavenly Kings”.  Scrolls were also found hidden in an old Ashura shrine atop a hill which described strange happenings on the island. Fisherman disappearing, ghost sightings, demons, strange beastly cries in the dark forests, and other unnatural happenings plagued the villagers.  Some writings told of their search for a missing artifact of an old Shinto priest called, Yūrei Hikari (dim light), a sword that had been passed down for generations in his family.

The sword was said to have the ability to make anyone who wielded the blade to appear as a ghostly mist in the presence of an evil spirit, purifying the entity and freeing its hold to mortal ground.  This sword could make someone a very powerful person upon Nishino.  An abandoned mine of valuable obsidian, an underground iridescent pool, and an Ashura temple built at one of the highest points on the island, all attest to the mystery of the island.


Nishino has brackish waters supporting marine and freshwater life.  

Obsidian Mine

Food sources are mainly vegetarian fish and poultry are found in plentiful abundance.

Those upon Nishi would incorporate historical traditions using a bit of of magic to demonstrate Edo period supernatural beliefs.

Bowing is observed – Bowing is a traditional way of showing respect;  toward elders and people with higher status.  If you choose not to bow your character will become known as rude.  Obviously you will choose whether or not to bow, or how deep or subtle your bow is when greeting different characters in various situations.  IE: If your status is similar to the one your greeting a simple head nod should be acceptable.  We won’t dictate here how you will RP only convey that bowing is observed in Nishino RP.



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