• IC in local only, we do not want to see, “brb” afk” wb,”  If you need to be afk for a bit then simply RP out of the scene if you need to leave fast, log out or go silent, RP is turned based, the active party can  rp you out of the scene or simply ignore you and move on.
  • Taking IC’s personally is not condoned it limits RP.  Mixing OOC/IC is easy to do for many people, if you find your becoming upset by the RP take a breather or even a break and come to the realization that this an elaborate fantasy in which you control.  There is always a way out of a situation and always a creative way to solve the problem your character might find themselves in.
  • Playing an asshole for an IC takes brains and creativity, if your constantly doing, saying, things that are downright rude without cause or time to develop a personality on the sim, you risk exile.  Being extremely rude as described above does not mesh well with Japanese culture or make any sense.  Being a passive asshole isn’t condoned either, RP so people can react to what your doing or saying.    
  • If  you find yourself in a group have respect for other role-play going on and give pause, a whole screen filled with paragraphs is overwhelming and often responses are missed in light of that.


We aren’t using a spell-casting meter since as we don’t know enough about them.  We are considering meter optional for melee; if anyone has a suggestion for a meter that does light spell-casting and melee please feel free to let Anleifr Resident know about it.  I am not interested in any of those meters for spell-casting that do massive sim wide effects.  Aside from having a meter, you are allowed to use small magical effects for individual scenes.  IE: potion bottle effects, tomes, other small objects and for hand gesturing or to show an aura around you.   If any of these effects seem to produce unnecessary lag you’ll be asked to remove it.


Death, is permanent if both parties are engaged in at least 1 hour of RP or have an ongoing storyline that might lead to such a tragedy.  Permanent death may only happen in RP, not with metered combat unless it’s consensual.  If you engage an animal or shapeshifter in RP and become ensnared in their trap you may lose your life.  You are welcome to contact a moderator about assuming a new identity using the same avi.  Tags are not recognized, so creating a new character simply requires your imagination.  If you were a well known character a funeral might be arranged, who knows how your end might play out.


Animal Avi’s are included in our vision of Japanese fantasy and lore, but there are restrictions.  Most people playing Neko in SL do not play them according to Japanese lore, so if your playing in an alternative way this sim is not for you. A person wearing a tail and cat ears is not acceptable, this role calls for an actual cat avi.  Your animal avi should look as realistic as possible; cartoon avi’s are not allowed.

Nishi has shapeshifters, demons and spirits that have magic ability.  You must RP your magic and give another person time to react as RP is turned based.  If you do not understand what is turned based feel free to ask.  A crude example of turned based is as follows:    You appear, they react, you speak, they respond, you begin spell effect or gesture, they react and so on, as Nishi is not a battlefield, there are many other sims to visit for that kind of fun.  You must have a developed storyline before you introduce a magic ability.   

Remember shapeshifting is usually done out of sight if caught the character is at risk to be hunted.


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